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Our Progress Blog

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Donations can be made through PayPal, the above button, or at our Give Send Go site

May 2024 - Many things have happened since the last update. 

The septic tank was upgraded and we won't have to empty this one weekly like the old one.

The carport was converted into a teenager's bedroom, for eight teens.  It has showers and toilets for them.  Their old room was transformed into an office space as we needed a room for schooling, therapy and meetings. 

September 2023 - We are still waiting for the batteries and the costs continue to rise.  The Customs have also restricted or prohibited the entry of the batteries.  We have order them through a local distributor and they should be installed by the end of the month.   It has been a long time without power. 

We also had a set back as a person wanted to donate funds for several new buildings but the person was not able to donate anything.  It was a big let down to the people from Mama Cleo's who were talking to this person.

The piping in the boys bathrooms needed to be replaced and it was completed along with toilets and showers.  We also added and new tinaco (water tank) on the roof.

We also water proofed the building to stop a couple of leaks.  We added gravel to several areas to reduce the mud puddles and dirt that was being tracked into the buildings.

An audit report from DIF required the moving and securing of the propane tank for the outdoor kitchen and BBQ.  A gas line needs to be run underground to the kitchen and the tank needs to be stored where the children don't have access.

July 23, 2023 - Several tasks have been completed and many more challenges remain.  We have installed more solar panels and a new converter panel.  Funds for four batteries continue to be raised.  Solar batteries are expensive and have a life expectancy of ten years. We need to obtain four batteries at $1,368 US plus tax each and they will have to come from the United States.

Shout out to Kelly and his twin Mexican brother for installing the temporary roof over the BBQ and part of the walkway.  This will allow protection from the sun and rain while preparing meals. 

The boys of Mama Cleos have also cleared several trees and a fountain from the garden.

June 2023 -  We have received support from a donation of solar panels,  converter. We will need solar or deep cycle batteries for the solar panels. The solar system will provide some electricity for our refrigerators.  Shout out to Chris for your service.

We also were advised that the bylaw prohibits anymore water wells in this area as our neighbours have them.  We will need a water line from Santa Cruz de la Soledad, about 1.1 kilometers away.  There will be a significant cost for it installation.  We can look into the cost to expand the septic system.

We have a people who are looking to build a temporary roof over our outdoor cooking area and over the walk ways. 

May 2023 The new property is in dire need of renovations and we have several urgent projects that require immediate funding:

  • Obtain electricity

    • An electrical line must be installed from Santa Cruz de la Soledad to the property.  The quote that we were given was 300,000 pesos.  The other option is to replace the existing solar system.  It was assessed and no longer has functioning solar cells.  We are awaiting a bid for a system that can grow with the improvements.  The verbal estimate was for 150,000 pesos. 

  • Install a waterline from the barrio of Santa Crus del Solidad to the house or an optional water well.  Currently seeking more information on possible companies to obtain quotes of completion.

    • We currently have water trucked to the cistern and we bring large bottles of water for drinking and cooking.​

  • The current sewer / septic system has a small tank for two people,  several larger tanks and a leaching field that need to be installed.  Awaiting the water solution as a water well needs to be a minimum distance from the septic field.  ​

  • Build a Temporary roof over the kitchen and the new dining area. ​

    • We have a donation of tables and chairs and a washer and dryer from Simply Joyful, thank you, Craig and Diane.​

    • We have a realtor who is providing a temporary roof for the outside cooking area and cover for tables and chairs.​​

      • The boys currently eat on a patio retaining wall.​

The renovation project will also include:

  • A kitchen and dining hall.

  • Renovate current bathrooms.

  • Meals are cooked in a small kitchenette and an outside BBQ.

  • 2nd-floor bedrooms and bathrooms,

  • A laundry facility for washing clothes for 35 boys.

  • A living room / multi-purpose room that will be used for socializing, education, meetings and prayers.

  • An additional building with bedrooms and bathroom for teenage boys and a caretaker apartment.

  • A playground for the smaller boys.

October 2023

We have been working with the ministry for families. and we are making the necessary changes to comply with their regulations. 


We have to renovate the existing apartment to include a nursery for the preschool children.  The apartment is home to Alex, Becky and their baby and it is used as an office.  Alex and his family are moving into the greater Chapala area.  The caregiving team will be assigned shifts to cover the nights.

We have to have an office for our administrative needs and for counselling for the boys.  We will convert a current bedroom of four boys into the office and counselling space, restore the garage into a dorm and include a bathroom.

The outdoor BBQ used as our kitchen will be moved into the utility room, and extensive renovations to bring propane, venting,  water, and sewer into the space.  The current BBQ area will be expanded to have a covered dining area and a common space to gather with a temporary structure to provide shelter from the weather.

We have a couple of renderings of the future bedrooms.  We continue to work with an architect/designer to make a permanent kitchen, dining room, living area and laundry.

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