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Pick and Delivery Drivers

We need drivers with vehicles to pick up food, articles and people.  Tell us when and how often you can help.


Home cooks

Are you able to prepare a meal on the weekends?  Our cook is off on the weekends, until we get an actual kitchen, we are looking for people to cook our 2 pm meal.

Dinner Party

A Director's Seat on Mama Cleo's Boy Home AC Board

We are looking to expand our Board of Directors in order to develop our support within the State of Jalisco.  We seek politically and community-connected individuals who can represent locally and in Guadalajara.

Meeting Room Business

Wanted Grandparents

We need people willing to socialize and mentor our younger preschool boys.  We need them on weekday mornings and afternoons. Play, colour, and reading are some of the activities you can do.

Playing Soccer

Bazzar Ambassadors and Bakers

Every Saturday, we have a carwash where we wash vehicles and sell baked goodies to raise funds to put food on the table and clothes on their backs.

Car Wash.png

Teachers Spanish and English

Some of our boys come to us with little or no education, so we need teachers to help with teaching.  We have some material but improvements can always be made.  No classroom as of yet.

Teacher and Blackboard

Volunteer News Reporter

The Volunteers of Mama Cleo's Boys Home have a newsletter to report on the activities of the boys and the people in the community trying to make our lives better.  

Stack of Newspapers

Volunteer Coordinator

We are looking for a person to help with the coordination of all of the volunteers who don't their gifts to the boys of Mama Cleo's. We have the Friends of and Ambassadors for Mama Cleo's Boy Home AC.  


Artists and Musicians

Are you able to teach children to draw, paint, make pottery or other crafts, or can you teach them to play a musical instrument?


Fund Raising Helpers

The boys truly need help as all they live on is the donations of a few generous people.  We need people who have experience or don't mind be assertive in the raising of funds for the day to day things as well as improvements to the property.

Collecting Money

Voluntary Applications

Complete and email it back to us or call for an appointment.

Volunteer Screening

Any person who will be working directly with the boys will have to obtain a police records check.  This check may take some time as we will request an indices check from your country of origin.

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